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Happy Dolphin is a transformational breakthrough on plastic and climate change.

Our globally patented miracle material can REPLACE 80% of poisonous, polluting, petroleum plastic.

It is made from renewable plants and minerals and is a game changer - Zero CO2 emissions and no more plastic pollution. Fully certified and scalable to billions of sustainable products.

Zero Plastic & CO2 Events Cups

Happy Dolphin Zero Events Cups are fully compostable and carbon neutral. They are brandable, reusable and a revenue stream. Watch our explainer video and the perfect closed loop info graph.

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Wrexham FC Nelson_Wayne.jpg

In action at Wrexham

Happy Dolphin had the brilliant opportunity to take our cups to the famous Turf pub outside Wrexham FC's ground.

Our cups were used for the pre-game events over the festive period by fans and famous faces alike.

Nature's perfect packaging. The egg!

Made from annual renewable plants and calcium carbonate

  • Material has a global patent

  • Fully certified 

  • Lowest CO2 emissions​

  • PLA & GMO free bags

  • Degrades at ambient temperatures.

  • Degrades in 24 hours in a commercial composter

  • Product can be stored for up to 2 years

Watch our material compost in 24 hours

Our products can return to compost in as little as 24 hours.

Traditional single use plastics can take up to 450 years!

Check out our TikToks!

No More

8 million pieces of plastic pollution make their way into the ocean every day.

(OSPAR, 2009)


Our products can return to the earth in as little as 24 hours following use.


2.5 tonnes of CO2 is produced for every tonne of plastic manufactured.

Our products are CO2 free.

Protect Our

100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution every year.

(UK Government, 2018)

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