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Happy Dolphin is a transformational breakthrough in the war on plastic and climate change.

The globally patented miracle material can REPLACE 80% of poisonous, polluting, petroleum plastic.

It is made from renewable plants and minerals and is a game changer.

Zero CO2 emissions and no more plastic pollution.

Nelson Hughes introduces Happy Dolphin

Why Happy Dolphin

Did you know 100% of baby turtles have plastic in their stomachs!

Neither did we. Please read these shocking stats on plastic pollution. Click Here

with Fully Compostable Renewables.

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Zero CO2

No Plastic Pollution

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Transformational breakthrough
in the War on Plastic.
  • First home compostable and high quality reusable bag.

  • Happy Dolphin Bags made from plants and minerals.

  • Lowest carbon footprint of any bag on the market.

  • More like a bag for life that can carry 12kg. 

  • Ideal for supermarkets and department stores.

  • 100 million bags sold in Europe and 400 million on order.

  • For more information and presentation email

  • All Certs EN13432, OK COMPOST, Best LCA of any bag, Lowest CO2

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Just In
  • Fully compostable drinks cups.

  • Ideal for major stadia, events and festivals.

  • Superior quality and tactile feel. No aroma.

  • Better than PLA. Break down at ambient temperatures.

  • 48 hours compost to soil in commercial composter.

  • Happy Dolphin can REPLACE 80% of poisonous plastic;  Cutlery and Food trays, see below. All SUP's from straws to water bottles

Watch our bags compost in 24 hours. Thanks to Solserv for independent tests.

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Fab 50 use Happy Dolphin bag!

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