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Happy Dolphin bags

A technological game changer


Made from annual renewable plants and calcium carbonate

  • Material has a global patent

  • High quality and home compostable

  • Reusable and similar to bag for life 

  • 37-60 micron options- strong as petroleum plastic

  • Great design, tactile feel and no aroma

  • PLA free and degrades at ambient temperatures. GMO free

  • Compost in 24 hours in a commercial composter

  • (video available)

  • Product can be stored for up to 3 years


Opens up entire UK market not just where food waste is collected 

  • They can go out with food waste for composting

  • Safe in landfill with general waste

  • Our material can go with plastic recycle bags up to 10% in EU tests

  • Lowest carbon footprint of all alternatives- carbon neutral 

  • Created and manufactured in Europe and UK 

  • Fully certified EN13432 and OK Home compost  EU Funded

  • Proven product with over 100 million sales EU


Safe in the environment and breaks down within a year

Sinks in water and animals can eat safely as it is plant food 


Cheaper than a paper bag 

  • Annual renewable unlike paper 

  • Not bulky or gets wet like paper 

  • Far superior to single use compostable bags 

  • Consumers want to make a difference

  • Plastic bags now 20p to 50p

  • No cost, nor risk to supermarkets and great PR win

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Zero CO2

No Plastic


Happy Dolphin product range.

  • Scalable to billions of products on current plastic machines.

  • We just REPLACE with our granules.

  • We can make to order.

  • Major quantities only please.

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